Tuesday, March 14, 2006

:: Happy Birthday Christopher Micheal Stewart ::

I guess I'm the girl who talks to much. I seem to enjoy talking though, so I guess I'll just enjoy talking to myself...Today at TSU I made Dr. Martin laugh by asking her if her the same question over and over again...I had a good spring brake this past week, but could use a little more R& R and today is my husband Chris's birthday...I got him a Strawberry short Cake and Cream Cheese Cake too...I want to get him something more but he's so hard to shop for. The only thing he wanted for his birthday was the new Cheers video, but that doesn't even go on the market until the 26th of March...I still want to buy him that truck...but for now the Bonneville will have to do. Happy Birthday Baby...I guess Chris is the best cause he's always taking care of the children while I'm at work and going to school...He's really holding down the fort for me.

6:13 PM

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