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:: Ann Stewart's Resume ::

Looking to grow, accelerate and farther develop my professional and medical skills with a company that will take advantage of my experience and training and also receive the personal and professional satisfaction of helping people with their medical needs.

Medical Field- X-Ray positioning and training on film size usage and radiation safety, Certified in phlebotomy blood draws, CPR, and first aid, Crossed trained as a medical assistant, Certified geriatrics nurses aid. Experienced in MRI, electrocardiography, administer topical and oral meds, bandaging, urinalysis, psychology, anatomy, administer Injections, blood pressure, vital signs.

Child Care- Certified Childcare provider with several years of experience working with special needs children.

Computer Skills- All Microsoft Office Products and knowledge of many currently used software such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Also I have much training in Internet usage for building websites and I have training in IT technology such as repairing being able to build most computers.

Tennessee State University 2005-Present Nashville, TN
Seeking a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and taking medical prerequisites to prepare for admission into M.D. program

High-Tech Institute 2004-2005 Nashville, TN
Graduated with a Associates Degree in Applied Science X-Ray Limited Scope Technology

University of Maryland 1992-1993 Lakenheath, England
Computers studies, studies include Comp 100, Comp 101, Comp 210

City College of Chicago 1992-1993 Lakenheath, England
Basic Educational Studies included basic English courses

Gordon Cooper Vocational-Tech School 1988-1989 Shawnee, OK
Completed Certification as a Geriatrics Nursing Aid

Tennessee Urgent Care 2005-present Nashville, TN
X-Ray Technologist- Working in radiology taking X-Rays and doing M.A. work to help assist doctors and patients with diagnosis. Also trained to run in house lab tests for Strep, Flu, Mononucleosis, and Urinalysis

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office 1/1998-10/2000 Nashville, TN
Senior Officer: took care of inmates, booking and the release of inmates, used computer software on a daily basis

Tinker Military AFB 5/1992-11/1996 Oklahoma City, OK
Child Care Provider: Certified Child Care provider. Worked for 5 years with all kinds of children from the age of birth to 12 years old. Also cared for special needs children such as Autistics, Mentally Handicap, Polio, and Muscular Sclerosis stricken children.

Golden Rule Nursing Home 4/1987-10/1991 Shawnee, OK
Geriatrics Certified Nurses Aid: Took care of elderly people, assisted with bathing, eating and distributed medication, and prepared food for special medical prescribed diets

Home Caregiver/Lola Autry 12/1988-6/1990 Shawnee, OK
Geriatrics Certified Nurses Aid: Worked as a homecare provider for years, assisted patients that suffered from liver complications and lymphoid cancer, daily maintenance of patients’ needs to include physical and medical, prepared food, and completed daily errands.

Received Academic Excellence and Perfect Attendance with a 4.0 Grade Point Average from High Tech Institute. Also awarded Highest Service Award from Davidson County Sheriff’s Office with high academics scores during 6 weeks basic training.

References available on request

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