Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Today I took my Biology and Calculus Mid-term exams...It was hard. Tomorrow I have to work. I hope I get to work with Dr. Frank Thomas...I sure need him to make me laugh. My daughter Summer did good in dance class today, but I'm not sure she enjoys it...I think it hard competition on her and she feels stress from it...I still think dance class is good for her health. She needs the exercise. I wish I could get my kids to eat more vegetables, but they are such picky eaters. I was lucky to get them to eat fish today. Carrigan did eat a little bit of green beans...but I still have a hard time getting Jethery Cameron and Summer to eat anything that is green. I got plane tickets to fly to New York next New Years. This is for me and my handsome husband Christopher. It's our next wedding anniversary. I'm really excited about that. That's all I have for today.

4:56 PM

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