Wednesday, March 29, 2006

:: My Day ::

Tonight my husband Christopher helped me with my homework. He's so smart, for a 1/2 French guy that is. I'm lucky to have someone that believes in education and already has his degree. He's helped me through all of it. When we got married we made a deal that first we would get him though college and we did, and now it's my turn to finish. So far everything is going good at school. I love my calculus professor. Professor Samanthanan, she from India and I made her laugh a few times. She's been really good to me. She gave me 110 on my last test. Can't beat that. If I do make it into med-school I can say I've had some pretty darn good professors that helped me.

Today Summer did good at school and she got a happy face. She can read her sight words now, and she always wants to read a book. I think she's going to be smart like her daddy is. Carrigan got a pen and marked all over himself. He is my funny child. Cameron now calls me daddy on a regular basis. I keep telling him I'm mommy and I know he knows that, he just enjoys making fun of me by calling me daddy. Weird hun?

9:06 PM

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