Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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I went Christmas shop'in today,,,but it was a waste of time. You see my sweet little hubby wanted a tv for Christmas to put in his den. So I went out and found a really great deal. I got him a 25 inch tv with a build in vhs and dvd player for 115.00 dollars at a computer new and used store. Than when I got it home he was waiting on the front steps. Like he knew I was gonna do that or something. So he sees it and loves it...takes it straight down the den and plays with it for the rest of the day...Now I'm thinking wasn't I suppose to give that to him on Christmas? Now what am I gonna get em?

And get this...I wasn't kidding when I said I saw a lizard today...Guess what my daughter wants for Christmas?...She wants a real lizard...So I went to the pet store to check em out...Those things cost about 30 bucks...and that's without the cage and food and stuff...and their ugly and they smell...and you know I kiss goats and llamas so I usually like smelly animals...but I really don't want to get her a lizard...I just don't care for them...I think one of her friends at school has lizard and she gets a some weird idea in her head...Why can't she want something that isn't living and smells bad...why can she want a dolly or something...but she's totally grown out of that stage...So my Christmas shop'in day was a total waste of time.

But my husbands happy cause he's got a new tv to watch football...gee...I feel neglected already...(kidding...I wonder if he'd think I was sexier if I wore a helmet.

But I also got 5 brothers I gotta find something for too…Dad always gets a tie...that's just the way I am...but this year he's getting a blanket too...I'm not such a bad daughter after all hun?

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