Monday, June 05, 2006

:: My Letter To Dr. Harlston ::

Dear Dr. Harlston

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I should be done with math 1720 this summer if everything goes well and I was wondering what Physics class I need to take for my pre-med classes to be complete. Do I take college physics or general physics? Or to get into Meharry Med School what Physics class do I need to take? Also can you take a look at my courses and see what else I might need to take to complete the pre-med requirements before I take the MCAT? Next semester I should be in Organic Chemistry 1 and Physics and I will also be getting 12 college credits from the Davidson County Sheriff’s office on the 4th year college level. Can you let me know what else I would need to finish a Biology degree? I think I am closer to a BS Interdisciplinary Degree, but I just wanted to check with you first to see if I’m just as close to a Biology Degree. You once told me that it may not necessarily be faster to get my BS degree that way…My plan is this…I’m going to finish my pre-med classes, take the MCAT, and see how well I do on that test, than finish my BS if I don’t get into med school. Pray for me though…I really do what to go to Med School and if you have seen my website you know I have a family and I’ll pray for you and your family too. Also is there a class or something I can take that will prepare me for the MCAT test?

Your Student

Ann Stewart

5:51 PM

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