Monday, June 05, 2006

:: My Letter To Dr. Harlston ::

Dear Dr. Harlston

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I should be done with math 1720 this summer if everything goes well and I was wondering what Physics class I need to take for my pre-med classes to be complete. Do I take college physics or general physics? Or to get into Meharry Med School what Physics class do I need to take? Also can you take a look at my courses and see what else I might need to take to complete the pre-med requirements before I take the MCAT? Next semester I should be in Organic Chemistry 1 and Physics and I will also be getting 12 college credits from the Davidson County Sheriff’s office on the 4th year college level. Can you let me know what else I would need to finish a Biology degree? I think I am closer to a BS Interdisciplinary Degree, but I just wanted to check with you first to see if I’m just as close to a Biology Degree. You once told me that it may not necessarily be faster to get my BS degree that way…My plan is this…I’m going to finish my pre-med classes, take the MCAT, and see how well I do on that test, than finish my BS if I don’t get into med school. Pray for me though…I really do what to go to Med School and if you have seen my website you know I have a family and I’ll pray for you and your family too. Also is there a class or something I can take that will prepare me for the MCAT test?

Your Student

Ann Stewart

5:51 PM

Friday, June 02, 2006

:: My Brother David Had a Heart Attack ::

My brother David had a heart attack last night at 3:00 am. The doctors had to shock him six times to get his heart to start pumping again. He's in ICU right now. My husband and I prayed for him this morning. This is his second heart attack and I was told this time it almost killed him. Many members of my family suffer from obesity. I believe it's hereditary and it runs in our genes. My mother was obese though out most of my childhood and my grandmothers were both obese and 2 of my brothers are also obese. I worry about my children. So far my kids are not over weight but I know it can happen to them too, cause I was overweight throughout my childhood. Fighting fat is hard here in America where the food is sinful and deadly. I fight the battle of the bulge myself. If anyone should read this, say a prayer for my family. We are prone to being overweight. That's another reason I would like to go to med school, so I can better take care of my family's health problems. My husband and I both have to watch our weight. We both love to eat. I try to cook the more healthy green food, but my children will do almost anything to get sugar in their systems and I just can't seem to get my little Cammie to eat anything green. Summer and Carrigan will eat almost anything even green food, but they'll eat everything else that isn't good for them as well, and their grandma and grandpa love to buy them candy, but I think they are going to try to stop that.

1:40 PM

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